Stolen moments

I woke up at 6:50 this morning, checking the clock after a noise brought me to full consciousness.  Song was in the upstairs bathroom, finishing her makeup before leaving for school.  She fled down the stairs shortly thereafter, thankfully turning off the bathroom light before leaving.

KJ must have been woken up by her descending footsteps as he shuffled into our bedroom and crawled over Jennifer before snuggling into his customary barrier position between us.  A few minutes later Song came back upstairs to let Jennifer & I know that she’d missed the bus.  Jennifer & I whispered back and forth, playing footsie with each other – with KJ between us, it’s the easiest way to reach out and have some gentle intimacy.

Jennifer left shortly thereafter to drop Song off; she returned bearing Starbucks and I was grateful to have her climb back in bed on my side.  A few stolen minutes of murmuring, sharing our thoughts and laughter and kisses, hoping that KJ would stay asleep.

Of course, since it was Friday he woke up at 8:50 and was rarin’ to go.  On school days it’s a struggle to get him out of bed at 9:15.  Those few minutes, though… they make the day better.


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