KJ development

We had KJ’s parent teacher conference last night and in several areas he is ahead of the game – he’s very good at counting, alphabet, and many of the other milestones needed for his age range.  Unfortunately he has a couple areas where he needs work.  I really need to try hard at getting him potty trained… he makes it incredibly difficult though.

He’s very headstrong and likes to fight and scream and gnash and wail about the pettiest of things, which makes any sort of battle of wills exhausting.  He’s is also very sensitive and hates to see that he’s upset anyone, so when he knows he’s screwed up it’s the saddest thing to see.

We were told that we needed to get him enrolled for next year at his school; Jennifer went over to do this just now and was informed that he’s already enrolled; she needs to come back in a month to make changes. Nothing like time wasted on unnecessary tasks.


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