Jennifer’s Indignent Waking Quotes, a new series.

I’ve decided to start logging these as she always doubts my recollection when I tell her how she acted the next day.

Scene: just after midnight, I’m laying on my back, reading Reddit on the kindle, Jennifer is laying on her right side.  The room is dark, the house is quiet.  She’s snoring softly.

Jennifer: [snnnnnnrrrrKKKKTTTT!](Wakes up, sits up angrily) “What?!?! What is it, what did you say?”
Me: “Nothing”
Jennifer: “What did you say to me, you said something!”
Me: “Honey, you snored yourself awake.”
Jennifer: “Oh sure, it’s all my fault. You never do anything wrong; it’s all me”

I’m trying not to giggle.


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