Life’s little difficulties.

It’s been a trying time of late.

Last week, the downstairs furnace went out; it’s gas with heatpumps and when we had the 9″+ of snow along with -5 degree temperatures, fate decided this would be the perfect time for it to go inop.  Despite space heaters throughout the downstairs, the lower level quickly dropped to a temperature of 40 degrees that Thursday.  A repairman made it out on Friday, and pronounced it fixed.

Naturally the furnace went out again shortly thereafter.

The repairman returned late Friday and determined that the issue was a pressure switch; unfortunately the warehouse was closed.  His advice was to just reset the furnace and it would turn back on until the pressure valve went off again. Naturally the furnace would work for 10 minutes and then go off again.

Friday was cold.

Saturday saw the temperature rise above 32, and the ice started to melt.  Thankfully this meant the ice everywhere started to melt.  This had the fortunate side effect of clearing off our heating units and allowed the downstairs furnace to function properly again.  Saturday was warm.  As was Sunday.

Unfortunately there was a side effect to the ice melting at the house.  The ice also melted at the shop.

The shop has a series of issues.  The landlord was nice enough to finish the shell and have the place wired to spec… well actually I wound up footing the bill for the wiring.  The one thing he didn’t do is put a new roof on, and I’m paying the price.

When the snow & ice started to melt on the roof, the accumulation blocked the drainage areas, causing pooling. That pooling found each and every hole in the roof, and decided to come for a visit inside the store.  So, where there were already intermittent leaks I discovered pools of water all over the store.  The bathroom was flooded.  The northest wall was flooded and had water streaming down it.  The shipping computer got soaked – fortunately the PC was shielded but both printers drowned and the phone was ruined.  Water was all through the warehouse.

New printers cost me $1k.  I’m not sure how much a new phone is going to cost yet.  Until new printers arrive, I can’t ship orders.  When it rains, it pours.


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