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Shopsite Template switchover & lots of work to do

ShopSite recently released version 12sp1 of their shopping cart software, and with it comes a host of new features that I’ve been wanting to incorporate for quite a while.  For those curious about what new features are in this version, feel free to explore.

One of the hurdles I’m facing is that when I purchased the existing site templates back in 2009 many of the features I needed were not available at that time.   Various work arounds were custom coded into the “new” templates, and some streamlined operations.  Unfortunately when you custom code, you wind up with legacy bits and incompatibilities with future versions.

One of the bits of custom code was a piece of PHP that reformatted plain text into HTML tables; this greatly sped up production time as anyone could type in the product specifications and the software would pretty it up without having to copy/paste dreamweaver code and hoping someone didn’t format it incorrectly.

Shopsite v12sp1 introduced several new product tags, with PRODUCT.Specifications being the one that primarily interests me at the moment.  Since we currently use PRODUCT.Field3 for our existing specifications table plain text, this should be a matter of

  • Copy & rename template from appropriate Shopsite theme
  • Find relevant PHP code in legacy templates (done)
  • Locate PRODUCT.Specifications tag in new template
  • Port over PHP code to reflect new changes.


  • Update CSS code within legacy PHP to utilize shopsite color tags specified within back ends.  Tags identified:
    • row2, -> replace with STORE.TableShadowColor?
    • specsTable,
    • specsTableTitle,
    • specsLable
  • Download existing PRODUCT.Field3 data and reimport it to PRODUCT.Specifications field.

MRI Monday

I went to see my GP about my arm injury on Friday, and after an Xray & range of motion tests, it would appear that I have a supraspinatus injury.  I was referred to a MRI place and had imagery done this morning.

If you’ve never been in an MRI, it’s an interesting experience.   Though I had a general idea about how the machine worked and limited exposure to seeing them in action (generally through popular media), I hadn’t been inside one prior to today.  After filling out the multipage questionnaire asking if I had any metal within me, wires, and the like, I was brought back to a changing room.

Surprisingly I was told that I could stay clothed, I just needed to empty my pockets, remove any jewelry and my belt.  This surprised me; I was wearing jeans and I had a fleeting vision of my pants violently being yanked through the air similar to what happened to this hapless police officer. Fortunately for everyone involved my pants remained on me and I was settled into place.

The technician put headphones on me and asked if I had a particular station I’d prefer to listen to – I asked for NPR, hoping for something soothing & relaxing.  Instead I was treated to a discussion about war crimes and other horror stories while I was put into the machine headfirst.  It’s a good thing I’m not claustraphobic – all you have to look at is a featureless curved wall a few inches past your nose.  The pre-procedure documentation stated I should make every effort not to move, and that the scanning would take anywhere from 20-60 minutes.  I hooked my thumbs into my rear pockets and lightly pressed my hands into my sides to keep from shifting and focused on taking shallow breaths.

Then the scanning began.  WHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMPWHUMP whiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr knockknockknockknockknockknockknockknockknock over and over again.  Boring, yet I’d be lying if I said my heart rate wasn’t elevated with worry about what the scans would reveal.

After all was said and done, I was out of there by 10:15 and on my way to work.  Tomorrow I should know the results of what was found.

I need to see a doctor about this arm. 

Back in January, I had Kj at the shop with me.  I had just cooked him his “favorite” lunch of a plain omelette and proceeded to make my own while he danced and capered around me.  Finally finished I start to head back to my desk… And I trip.

Foolishly I try to retain control of my sandwich and drink.  Had I been smarter I would have flung my meal away and landed on my hands to cushion the fall.  Gravity is no joke, falls kill 17,000 people each year in the US.

So I land on my forearms, sandwich plate in one hand, drink in the other.  The sandwich naturally goes flying.  The drink? It was a “Mexican” coke, and shattered in my hand. Soda everywhere. Glass also everywhere, including inside my hand, so now there’s blood everywhere too.

After getting Kj calmed down and cleaning up the mess as best as I could I notice that my arm is hurting, the shoulder in particular.

That night it’s difficult to sleep. I wonder if the bone is broken. “Let’s give it a few days” I tell myself.

Six weeks later, it no longer hurts constantly, but I don’t have my full range of motion. Raising my arm over my shoulder causes a pain like a bone chip is cutting something inside, or a tendon is pinched or something. Laying on my side in bed and using that arm to put something on my nightstand caused pain.  I can’t fully rotate my arm during supination, attempting to do an overhead press causes intense pain if a significant weight is used.

I don’t know if I’ve torn my rotator cuff or cracked a bone. Waiting hasn’t fixed it.  My larger worry is that I’ll need surgery and how much that will cost, despite insurance.