Wishlist item #4: A new firepit or chiminea

There’s something primal about fire.   Volumes have been written about man’s obsession with it, so I really don’t need to talk in length about how “fire good.”

One of the first gifts Jennifer ever bought me when we began s (if not the first) was a fire pit.  The original has long since rusted out & been replaced… which has also rusted out and needs replacing.  So now we’re looking at various firepits such.


Jennifer naturally likes the one with roses (the “Garden” model) – I’m leaning more towards Prairie or another.  I’d prefer one made from cast iron, but there are several models in aluminum that look nice.

The unfortunate part of this is that I’ll have to level out a portion of the yard before I buy this, as I’ll have to set paving stones.  Jennifer wants it on the deck but I’m worried about sparks and it being close to the house.


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