Making an effort to write what I’m thinking

I’ve had an “on again, off again” writing habit over the years.  Typically when I’m at SHOT show or somewhere isolated, if I have a notebook handy I’ll jot down what is on my mind as a form of therapy or just organizing my head space.

This year I picked up the Rite in the Rain brand for the store, and was rather impressed with their hardcover offerings.  The only problem, however, is that my prefered writing implement is the Sharpie Pen which does not work at all in a Rite in the Rain notebook.

At the beginning of the month I picked up a Moleskine pocket journal from Target. At the time I just threw it in the cart and checked out without bothering to read what the price was. I happened to be wandering through that aisle again last night and was shocked to discover that the little Moleskine 3.5 x 5.5 Hardcover Notebook was $13.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love this thing. Small enough to fit in my pocket and go with me almost everywhere, 192 pages, classic look, but $13 for a pocket journal is a bit much so I turned to the internet.  A quick eBay search and I found someone selling a lot of 4 of these at $8.98 each, and they accepted my “best offer” of $24 for all four, shipped.  But, I needed something more long term, so I googled “moleskine wholesale” to see if there was better pricing in bulk.

One of the top results was this blog post:

Apparently I’m not alone in sticker shock on pocket journals.  I wound up going to CR GIbson and picked up 10 of these Markings Black Bonded Leather Journals – with their spring coupon they wound up being $5 each, shipped.  We’ll see how they compare to the Moleskine; I’m not altogether sold on the sewn border so I’m hoping I haven’t made a mistake.


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