I am classified as Human, Male, Semi Autonomous, One Each.

In my early 40s, I am a Louisville KY native, though imported from Baltimore Maryland during my larva stage.  I am a father, husband, step-father, business owner, community leader, and wearer of many other hats, though my wife and son are my life.

I am a US Army veteran, though not a combat vet.  I am a centrist, though passionate about civil rights and not just the convenient ones.  I am Jewish, though secular in practice.   I am an empath, a pragmatist, a cynic, a dreamer, and probably quite a few other things as well.   I am staunch believer in a hostile media, an armed citizenry, an educated electorate, strict scrutiny, and that mankind has an endless capacity for love & generosity… as well as horrors & atrocity.

More as needed.


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