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The body is a depreciating asset

Exercise, diet control, lack of progress and more.

Let’s face it, I’m on the wrong side of 40 years old and nothing is free anymore.  I can’t eat what I want, sleep as much as I want, and life is taking its toll.  The damage from years of stupid decisions is adding up and overcoming the hurdles has become much more difficult.

I decided that I needed to start working out again in June of 2014.  I weighed myself then and the scale said 253lbs.

I love my comfort foods.  I love frozen cokes, and cake, and ice cream.  Bread. Pizza. Hamburgers. Tacos.  That’s the problem, I love them too much and have little ability to say no.

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.

I weighed myself today and the scale says 252.75.

I compared pictures of last year and now.  I look exactly the same.

There’ve been significant road blocks to progress.  Every time I get my squat up to 185-190, my back injury flares up and I have to stop working out.  Mostly though, life gets in the way.  Last year, I stopped working out in December due to family issues, then I wrecked my shoulder in January and didn’t start lifting again until June of this year. 7 months of inaction and lethargy and watching my gains go down the toilet.

I need to control my diet. I’ve been using Myfitnesspal’s app and restricting my caloric intake for the last few weeks.  I’ve been trying to avoid the junk food and garbage.  When I can keep away from the frozen cokes and don’t blow my diet eating out, I lose weight.

When I fail, I don’t.

Looking at the datapoints in the iPhone and on MFP, I’m yoyoing between 258 and 252.  Since I’ve been paying attention though, it’s decreasing. We’ll see what happens.

I will say this – I’m a lot more consistent working out with the cage & weights at the shop.  I just wish I had a means to do assisted pullups and dips.


I need to see a doctor about this arm. 

Back in January, I had Kj at the shop with me.  I had just cooked him his “favorite” lunch of a plain omelette and proceeded to make my own while he danced and capered around me.  Finally finished I start to head back to my desk… And I trip.

Foolishly I try to retain control of my sandwich and drink.  Had I been smarter I would have flung my meal away and landed on my hands to cushion the fall.  Gravity is no joke, falls kill 17,000 people each year in the US.

So I land on my forearms, sandwich plate in one hand, drink in the other.  The sandwich naturally goes flying.  The drink? It was a “Mexican” coke, and shattered in my hand. Soda everywhere. Glass also everywhere, including inside my hand, so now there’s blood everywhere too.

After getting Kj calmed down and cleaning up the mess as best as I could I notice that my arm is hurting, the shoulder in particular.

That night it’s difficult to sleep. I wonder if the bone is broken. “Let’s give it a few days” I tell myself.

Six weeks later, it no longer hurts constantly, but I don’t have my full range of motion. Raising my arm over my shoulder causes a pain like a bone chip is cutting something inside, or a tendon is pinched or something. Laying on my side in bed and using that arm to put something on my nightstand caused pain.  I can’t fully rotate my arm during supination, attempting to do an overhead press causes intense pain if a significant weight is used.

I don’t know if I’ve torn my rotator cuff or cracked a bone. Waiting hasn’t fixed it.  My larger worry is that I’ll need surgery and how much that will cost, despite insurance.