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Now both cats know that the outside is filled with adventure.

Somehow the back door was left open and both made it out – Jennifer came home and discovered they were missing. One cat scaled the back deck to come back inside; he looked like he’d survived a harrowing experience. The other was nowhere to be seen. Since she’s not the brightest one, we weren’t sure she’d know to come back.

I came home and started calling for her and looking in the obvious areas – neighbor’s yard, the alleyway, etc.  None of the neighbors had seen her.  I walked around making “smooching” sounds and went back inside, trying to work up a game plan, when Jennifer said she could hear frightened meowing.

Turns out she was stuck up in the neighbor’s tree.  I got out a step ladder, but it was too short to reach her, so I had to get a larger one.  She refused to let go of the tree so I had to reach behind her and startle her into my arms, where she proceeded to dig in with all four sets of claws, hanging on for dear life.  Also, it turns out cats can yodel really loudly when they are frightened.

Anyhow, the cats are back home, looking very proud of themselves and showing a distinct lack of PTSD.  I’m sure they are already plotting their next escape.