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Wishlist items #2 & #3 – Distressed Leather Pea Coat & Sniper Jacket from Cockpit USA

One of my many “quirks” is a borderline addiction to coats & jackets.  I cannot explain why I like coats and jackets so much; I suspect it’s the male version of how women collect shoes and purses.

Anyhow, here’s a couple things I’m currently lusting after:

Cockpit USA Distressed Leather Peacoat

Look at how badass this thing is.  Arm length would seem to indicate that this comes down to around the mid thigh, making it a good possibility for a car coat, or any 70’s era North East cop thriller cosplay. Not that I’d do that…

My only gripe is that it’s “distressed” – I don’t like artificially distressed clothing; I want all the scrapes, gouges and wear to come from what I’ve done to it, not from it being tumbled in a dryer full of pea gravel for two hours.

Price: $1085

Product page –

Cockpit USA “Sniper Jacket”

I have mixed feelings about this jacket.  Part of the misgivings come from the name, it screams “Mall Ninja” and I don’t know if it is a blatant attempt to cash in on the name recognition from the American Sniper movie currently in theaters, or something else.

That said, this jacket is pretty cool.  The arm pockets remind me of the modified BDU uniforms that SF has been doing since the Vietnam Era, where the lower BDU blouse pockets were removed and sewn to the sleeves because as issued they could not be used while wearing LBE.  This jacket, however, retains the lower utility pockets and adds hand warmer side entry panels – then again, you probably aren’t going to be turtled up or wearing LBE with this.

Due to the bend in the sleeves as pictured, I’m going to guess that this coat comes to just below the beltline by 2″-3″ which would make it suitable for concealed carry.

Price: $950

Product Page –