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Wife sleep ramblings, January 2016

“Don’t you DARE!” she suddenly announces in a gravelly voice.

“Dare what?” I reply.

“You better stop what you are doing right now” she threatens, sitting up.

I look back at my Surface, looking at the book I’m reading on the Kindle app and try to keep from laughing.

Jennifer gets out of the bed, and crosses over to the desk.

“What is this?!” she demands, picking up a medium cardboard box that had, until this afternoon, contained several pairs of pants I’d ordered online. Now delivered & emptied, it was languishing on the desk, waiting for me to take it downstairs and then out to the garbage.

“An empty box, honey?”

She quickly shifted it aside, hunting for something that had drawn her ire. Her gaze narrowed and she seized the object of her hatred. “What is this?? THIS!” she screeched, thrusting her arm at me.

“It’s a mouse?” I snicker.

“Why is it flashing?” she asks, her voice becoming confused.

“Because the battery is dying” I respond.

She rubs her nose and the light begins to appear in her eyes, then heads for the bathroom. I turn back to my book…


Jennifer’s Indignent Waking Quotes, a new series.

I’ve decided to start logging these as she always doubts my recollection when I tell her how she acted the next day.

Scene: just after midnight, I’m laying on my back, reading Reddit on the kindle, Jennifer is laying on her right side.  The room is dark, the house is quiet.  She’s snoring softly.

Jennifer: [snnnnnnrrrrKKKKTTTT!](Wakes up, sits up angrily) “What?!?! What is it, what did you say?”
Me: “Nothing”
Jennifer: “What did you say to me, you said something!”
Me: “Honey, you snored yourself awake.”
Jennifer: “Oh sure, it’s all my fault. You never do anything wrong; it’s all me”

I’m trying not to giggle.