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Found on reddit’s /r/TorInAction: Let me tell you a story (about Sad Puppies)

Let me tell you a story.

On a dark and stormy night, a small clique gained control of what is known as the Hugo Awards (biggest award in Sci-Fi literature) and one of the more influential publishing houses.

Due to the public at large’s lack of knowledge about the voting process, certain writers and directors of certain publishing houses (Tor) were able to ensure that the favored publishers’ books tended to get the awards through a mixture of invitation and bullying. As the publisher maintained undue influence over the medium, potential exposure for both new and old writers that were considered unfit by the ruling class due to political views, ect was quashed. Basically, either Tor wouldn’t work with them or they’d go cheap on the ads…and Tor was the most visible publishing house with the best advertisement reach for sci-fi material. (as I understand it)

After many years, the abyssal beings known by many names including Baen and Independant Publishing (Basically Amazon) frowned on the awards and began allowing writers to circumvent the clique. It was a great success. Interesting and varied stories were selling once again and in grand numbers that were not initially expected.

Not long after, somewhere in the deepest bowels of the abyss, the International Lord of Hate Larry Correia pondered why such badly selling books were getting such inordinate acclaim while excellent and high selling stories were being ignored. When he asked the clique how this can be, they sneered and stated that the voting process was open so surely only the finest stories win the awards. The International Lord of Hate was unconvinced by this argument and made a kind of wager. He argued that if he were to seek out more voters and ultimately sway the awards, the clique would be hateful and reject the situation while calling for the removal of the interlopers and changes to the award process. The clique once again sneered and stated that they’d be unmoved by such an event and, additionally, refused to believe anything of the sort could possibly happen.

The Lord of Hate then devised a very simple plan, known as Sad Puppies, to alert the sci-fi readership of how to participate in the Hugo voting process. That was three years ago.

With each new year more of the nominations are swayed, and with each new result the tears of the clique run nearly as fast as their accusations of vote rigging. The latest vote nearly eliminated Tor from the nominations, and twice nominated one of their most hated adversaries. But not the Lord of Hate, for he stepped back and refused nomination despite not being required in order to expose the clique to more of the abyss’ power. (lol ethics)

This is what they now lay at your feet.

After all, the clique and the SJWs you now face are separate heads of the same hydra. What wounds one, wounds the other. As it is a very stupid hydra with a poor aggro system, it interprets that pain as coming from the latest opponent to garner its focus.